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About Philip Warbasse

Best known for his work on the HBO television series "True Blood", Philip Warbasse is an award-winning multi-media developer working in Los Angeles, California. Warbasse and his team have created some of the entertainment industry's most visible integrated media campaigns including mobile strategies for Iron Man II (Paramount), TRON Legacy (Disney), The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony Pictures), Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Paramount), M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening (20th Century Fox), 9 the movie (FOCUS Features), and several independent feature films including Bob and the Monster (Shaker Films) and Can We Take a Joke? (Korchula Productions). Warbasse Design's latest work features Little Pink House (Korchula Productions), a movie staring Catherine Keener and Jeane Tripplehorn.

Industry Contributions

Warbasse's contributions to the art and science of designer QR Codes include his discovery of "Vertical Crush", a term coined by Warbasse to describe the negative impact of wide-format aspect ratios on the scannability of 2D bar codes. It was this discovery, and the ability to compensate for it, that ultimately lead to Warbasse's creation of the first designer QR Code ever featured on television.

Professional Life

Philip Warbasse is the founder and CEO of Warbasse Media - a consortium of online services that include:

Warbasse Design (Est. 2000) - Warbasse Design is known for following strict research methods that consistently provide award-winning results. Since inception, Warbasse Design has set out to help clients become better known and better understood by creating media strategies and designs that compel consumers to interact with their brands on a deeper level.

Warbasse Hosting (Est. 2000) - Warbasse Hosting serves the Entertainment, Healthcare, and Professional Services industries with high-speed data and encryption services. Warbasse Hosting offers VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated Servers, and fully managed Cloud Hosting. Warbasse Hosting also provides HIPAA compliant email encryption and archiving services.

ClickCall™ (Est. 2004) - ClickCall™ is a PC-to-Phone callback solution which enables users on an internet-based web page to submit a request for a callback at the time they choose. ClickCall™ helps businesses target interested consumers and communicate with them immediately.

PRINT2D® (Est. 2011) - Based in Santa Monica, California, PRINT2D® is a print-to-digital agency built on the idea that 2D bar codes are only as relevant as the experiences to which they point. The mobile designers and developers at PRINT2D® go beyond the code - providing designer QR Codes and full-service mobile strategies for their print-to-digital clients.

PostHastePics® (Est. 2014) - PostHastePics™ is an e-commerce website featuring the fine art photography of Philip Warbasse. PostHastePics™ uses Snipcart to provide seamless order fulfillment of high-quality prints, posters and canvases. PostHastePics™ markets its final products to individuals, businesses and galleries.

Incubated Companies

Warbasse Media invests in technology and marketing ideas which are incubated and developed until they reach maturity. Currently, they include:

MURCH® (Est. 2015) - MURCH® is an interactive merchandising platform for music and film. MURCH® creates coded apparel and other merchandise that ties to interactive content featuring digital downloads, streaming music, social media, image galleries, song lyrics, and more.

WD Digital Properties™ (Est. 2017) - WD Digital Properties™ is a platform used to create and manage digital campaigns and assets for television and film. WD Digital Properties™ works with entertainment companies - from the earliest phases of pre-production into the home entertainment window - to provide a full spectrum of creative, digital services.

Personal Life

Philip Warbasse resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Roxana. He is the author of a true crime novel detailing the life and trial of convicted murderer Winnie Ruth Judd titled Paper Hearts - The Life and Trial of Winnie Ruth Judd. Philip also enjoys photographing landscapes and urban environments.

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